Higher Diploma in Automotive Engineering

2 Years

Higher Diploma in Automotive Engineering


Higher Diploma in Automotive Engineering



    Automotive Engineering is one of the most technologically appealing expertise which is exceedingly persuasive in today’s knowledge economy and changing needs of the labor market. Our program prepares graduates for product design, manufacturing, technical sales and maintenance via exclusive emphasize on engineering fundamentals and provision of hands-on experience of sophisticated technologies. State of the art and cutting edge curriculum inclusive of systems such as Electric Hybrid Vehicles and concept building on emission reductions, fast prototypes, Security Advancements and advanced energy solutions; delivered by subject experts is one of the key features to consider in choosing this program. Furthermore we endeavor in developing teamwork skills throughout to enhance their interdisciplinary skills which is another value addition in our program.


    Programme Structure

    • Semester 01
      1. Engineering Mathematics
      2. Mechanical Principles and Dynamics of Machines
      3. Principles of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
      4. Engineering Drawing and Computer Aided Engineering
    • Semester 02
      1. Control Systems and Automation
      2. Thermodynamics and Thermo Fluids
      3. Energy Science and Applications
      4. Internal Combustion Engines and Power Transmission Systems
    • Semester 03
      1. Analytical Mathematics
      2. Automotive Materials and Manufacturing Processes
      3. Management Principles for Automotive Engineers
      4. Vehicle Safety Engineering
    • Semester 04
      1. Automotive Design Project
      2. Heat Transfer and Combustion (Elective)
      3. Advanced Vehicle Concepts (Elective)
      4. Economics of Automotive Systems and Value Engineering (Elective)
      5. Automotive Systems Design (Elective)
    • Industrial Training (Optional)

    Entry Qualification

    • GCE A/ L
    • GCE O/ L + Engineering Foundation

    Progression Pathway

    Awarding Body

    Faculty : Engineering

    Category : After A/ Level's Undergraduate

    Location : Batticaloa

    Subject Area : Engineering

    Duration : 2 Years

    ICBT Campus