Higher Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

2 Years (Full time)

Higher Diploma in Biomedical Engineering


Higher Diploma in Biomedical Engineering



    Biomedical Engineering is currently rated as the most ‘sought-after’ Engineering discipline throughout the globe owing to its comprehensive application; in the fields of Biology and Medicine. If you are born with a fascination for scientific research, coupled with natural technical aptitude and you intend to make a powerful difference in the lives of many people by using your creativity in producing groundbreaking and life-saving technologies; biomedical engineering might be a perfect fit for you. Furthermore it is an incredible field with a long history extending till Egyptian civilization that must now contain many interesting advances both in terms of diagnosis and therapeutic aspects. Research and Development of solutions to biological and medical problems has made Biomedical engineering an increasingly growing field that is expected to see even greater demand over the coming decades. Thereby, our program trains students to analyze and design solutions to problems in biology and medicine in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of patient care. We provide them the exposure for rapidly moving arenas such as Medical Instrumentation, Biomaterials, Biomechanics. Neuromechanics , Rehabilitation/ Prosthetic Engineering and etc. Our strong industrial collaborations which are strengthening day by day have added immense value to this program via internally organized comprehensive hospital visits/industrial visits, ‘sought-after’ internships & etc.


    Programme Structure

    • Semester 01
      1. Engineering Mathematics
      2. Analog Electronics
      3. Digital Electronics
      4. Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
    • Semester 02
      1. Introduction to Medical Science
      2. Programming Concepts
      3. Medical Instrumentation
      4. Medical Physics
    • Semester 03
      1. Principles and Application of Microcontrollers
      2. Analytical Mathematics
      3. Medical Biochemistry (Elective)
      4. Introduction to Molecular Biology and Proteomics (Elective)
      5. Clinical Microbiology and Introduction to Microscopy (Elective)
    • Semester 04
      1. Design Project
      2. Biomedical Signal Processing
      3. Immunology and Immunological Techniques (Elective)
      4. Healthcare Industry (Elective)
      5. Stem Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering (Elective)
    • Industrial Training (Optional)

    Entry Qualification

    • GCE A/L
    • GCE O/L + Foundation

    Progression Pathway


    Awarding Body

    Faculty : Science

    Category : After A/ Level's Undergraduate

    Location : Colombo

    Subject Area : Biomedical Science

    Duration : 2 Years (Full time)

    ICBT Campus